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Academic Coaching

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 Ready for Takeoff_Launching Coaching Models to Support Student Success  


     In this presentation, DR. PAM CAVANAUGH Associate Vice Provost, UCF Connect and DR. JENNY SUMNER, Assistant Vice Provost, UCF Online provided a overview of the concept of academic coaching, how they launched a coaching model, and the lessons they learned. 



Academic Coaching and its Relationship to Student Performance, Retention, and Credit Completion.pdf


     Jessica L. Alzen, Amy Burkhardt, Elena Diaz‑Bilello, Eryn Elder, Alicia Sepulveda, Audrey Blankenheim, Lily Board investigate two research questions: 1) how does academic coaching infuence key student outcomes? and 2) to what extent do these efects vary by amount of coaching received?


 Academic/Success Coaching: A Description of an Emerging Field in Higher Education. 


     Claire Robinsons's study at the University of South Carolina - Columbia, clarified what academic coaching is and is not. Her study addressed the number and type of coaches employed, what the primary focus of coaching involved, the student population served, whether accessing the service was mandatory or voluntary, the conceptualframeworks for coaching programs for coaching programs, and assessment of coaching programs.


Academic Coaching Manual


Thanks to the Tomas Rivera Center at the University of Texas San Antonio for sharing their training manual with us.



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