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Resources for Tutors and Students

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A great resource for both your tutors and students is:





 Thanks, Lucy.



A Dozen Teaching Strategies Tutors Use to Advance Student Learning 





A Guide to Excellent Tutoring




I. General Guidelines for Tutors

  • Getting Started
  • Student Learning & Ownership
  • Structure & Routines
  • Process
  • Working towards Independence
  • Behavior Management and Bullying

II. Tutoring as Mentoring

  • Tutor-Student Relationship
  • Make it Fun & Make it Friendly
  • Communication & Active Listening
  • Trouble with Homework
  • Trust-Building

III. One-on-One Tutoring

  • Evaluation of Needs
  • Opportunities for Success
  • Right and Wrong Responses
  • Communication with Parents & Teachers

IV. Cultural Sensitivity & Awareness

V. Tutor Self-Care

VI. Do's and Dont's



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