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Online Tutoring

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The Academic Senate for California Community Colleges - Effective Practices for Online Tutoring



Jennifer Brown's EvoLLLution articles from 2012 - Synchronous Online Tutoring: Tips & Tools to Start Your Own Program




The following post from Dr. Scott R. Dempsey has some great tips for online tutoring:


33Tips for Online Tutors




  Turrentine,P. and MacDonald,L. (Fall 2006) Best Practices in Online Tutoring. NADE Digest. 





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My mantra for online tutoring is "Create the Culture of Online Tutoring" first.   

We need to build the protocols, if you will. We know what best practices are for online tutoring face to face, but what are they for online tutoring?


See Turrentine,P. and MacDonald,L. (Fall 2006) Best Practices in Online Tutoring. NADE Digest.






tutoring online.pdf tutoring online.pdf




New tool for tutoring online - WIMBA


This summer at TIDE (Technology Institute for Developmental Ed), Paradise Valley CC demonstrated tutoring online live using Wimba (two way audio) and Blackboard.  The tutor used a graphic tablet to write out the math equations as the student talked him through the process. Both could talk back and forth while looking at the problem on the screen.


See an overview of Wimba provided by Xavier Univeristy:





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susan.phillips1@... said

at 4:09 pm on Jan 4, 2021

We were talking at the CRLA conference about ways that our Learning Centers had navigated the changes during Covid-19. What we did at Central Arizona College was to move our front desk and tutors over to Blackboard Collaborate rooms and also expanded our 24/7 options for students. We already had a Tutoring shell in Blackboard and so made Collaborate rooms for each tutor. They show the tutor's subjects tutored as well as their times in the Collaborate rooms. We also created a virtual front desk room where students can go to make appointments or find out who is available for walk ins. Initially we had our front desk student workers and test proctors take turns in the room as we did not have online or face to face testing set up right away. We are still working on that. We have an Outlook calendar that all staff are able to access and each tutor has their times set up so that the front desk can schedule and fill in appointments. the tutors are then able to check the calendar each day to see who will be coming in and for which subjects. We have had a 24/7 submission for essays and writing projects for many years, but with the changes have added a section for accounting, math and science questions. Tutors will pick up the paper or question and respond back to the student within 48 hours. Having all five campus locations online at one time has made it easier for students to find a tutor at the time they want one. Although the numbers have dropped off from face to face appointments the 24/7 appointments have doubled. I mentioned this in the AZ/NV wiki, too.

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