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Online Tutoring

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My mantra for online tutoring is "Create the Culture of Online Tutoring" first.   

We need to build the protocols, if you will. We know what best practices are for online tutoring face to face, but what are they for online tutoring?


See Turrentine,P. and MacDonald,L. (Fall 2006) Best Practices in Online Tutoring. NADE Digest.






tutoring online.pdf 







New tool for tutoring online - WIMBA


This summer at TIDE (Technology Institute for Developmental Ed), Paradise Valley CC demonstrated tutoring online live using Wimba (two way audio) and Blackboard.  The tutor used a graphic tablet to write out the math equations as the student talked him through the process. Both could talk back and forth while looking at the problem on the screen.


Tutoring Online Consortium


Connecticut Consortium for Distance Learning



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