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Marketing Our Learning Centers

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Christ, F. L., Smith, K., & Sheets, R. (Eds.) (2000).Starting a learning assistance center: Conversations with CRLA members who have been there and done that. H&H Publishing. [Available on LSCHE]




See Question 19 for suggestions from Frank Christ abour developing a favorable image and publicizing the programs and services provided by your learning center.


Turrentine, P. (2019. Everything you ever wanted to know about learning centers (and then some…). H&H Publishing. [See Chapter 9, Publicity and Public Relations)


I love this great list of marketing ideas from the LSCHE website!


  • Marketing Plan with subplans that focus on different stakeholders: students, parents, faculty, staff, administration…
  • Center identity/branding
    • name
    • logo
    • motto
  • Center brochures, flyers
  • Center newsletter
  • Posters on campus bulletin boards
  • Bulletin board in the learning center with photos/bios of each tutor and staff member (the one shown above also had pins placed on the world map where tutors were born)
  • Promotional items for students: bookmarks, pencils
  • Staff and tutor shirts, buttons
  • Staff and tutor badges
  • Student contests (with cash prizes, gift cards—Starbucks, Amazon…)
  • Email campaigns to target audiences—students taking and faculty teaching specific classes, academic advisers, personal counselors, etc.
  • Campus/student newspaper
  • Campus TV/radio stations
  • Campus closed-circuit TV
  • Dormitory marketing/tutoring
  • Social Media—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, …
  • YouTube videos describing the LC and services, customer testimonials, e.g., Auburn University Office of Academic Support Aubie Goes to Study Partners 
  • Website—see more than 1500 website examples in LSCHE
  • Advisory BoardStudent, faculty, adjunct faculty orientations (example Clemson University Academic Success Center Orientation: Information for New Students and Families)
  • Club days table to promote the center
  • Activities with college mascot
  • Sponsor contests
  • Participate in campus events
  • Obtain awards, achieve certifications and send jubilant press releases
  • Center open house
  • International Tutor Appreciation Week
  • Food!!!
  • Exam Jam (e.g., Mt. San Antonio College Exam Jam a Tutoring Party for Finals Week)
  • Faculty development days, Department meetings
  • Tours, class visits, open houses
  • Present at club meetings
  • Visit international student orientation
  • Standard entry on syllabus for all courses
  • Surveys
  • Take people to coffee, lunch
  • Regular meetings with administrators, faculty, staff
  • Participate on campus and college committees, initiatives
  • Status reports, annual reports, statistics
  • Award ceremonies; tutor pinning (for tutors achieving certification)
    • Invite the president, provost, deans, department chairs, etc
    • Ask one of these invitees to speak
    • See the International Tutor Appreciation Week section under the Celebrate! tab on this page






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