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Learning Center Management - People willing to mentor

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People Willing to Mentor



What kind of mentoring is available?


In this space, you will find the names and contact information of people in the field of learning assistance, college reading and learning, and developmental edcuation who are willing to help others in their specific areas of expertise.  Please add your name and information to this list if you are willing to help others in the profession...It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 30 years in the field, each of us has expertise and insights that can be useful to others.



Group members


             I am currently the Director of Academic Support at SUNY Empire State College's Northeast Center. I have over 18 years of experience in the field of learning assistance and developmental education.  I am very interested in curriculum design for writing, reading and critical thinking courses as well as study skills courses and first-year transition programs. I also have extensive experience in marketing learning assistance programming and strategic planning for learning center growth and staff professional development. I am also becoming quite passionate about providing online academic support services in a variety of multi-media formats for students to access according to their interests and learning preferences.




  • Penny Turrentine, Ph.D.

             Director, West Campus Learning Center

             Pima Community College

             2202 W. Anklam Road, C-217

             Tucson, AZ 85709-0001

             tel. (520) 206-6796

             fax. (520) 206-3119

             I am currently the director of the West Campus Learning Center at Pima Community College. I have been in the learning assistance field for nineteen years. There are several area in which I am very interested some of which are learning center design, online tutoring, and program development. I am an evaluator for ITPC and very knowledgable about tutor training program certification. As a four-time winner in the NCLCA and LSCHE-sponsered web site excellence competition, I have considerable knowledgable about what it takes to create a winning learning center web site.


  • Lucy MacDonald, M.A.,M.A.    

                Faculty Emerita

                Chemeketa Community College

                Faculty Trainer - TIDE (Technology Institute for Developmental Ed)

                4977 Brookmeade Dr

                Sarasota, FL 34232


                Always online at lucy@lucyonline.com or lucyonline@comcast.net


              I am the egroup publisher for CRLA's Technology and Distance Learning SIG.  At TIDE I do a training on tutoring online, where tutors come online to tutor us, using several different platforms, from NetTutor, Blackboard, and Breeze (Adobe Connect Pro).  Penny and I collaborated on an article in the NADE Digest, called Tutoring Online: Increasing Effectiveness with Best Practices. Fall 2006. Available at http://www.nade.net  I love the technology but only when it supports student learning. I'd be happy to share what works in tutoring online and discuss possibilities, hopes and new directions.                                                                                                                                                           I


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