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Learning Center Management - People willing to mentor

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Available Mentors



What kind of mentoring is available?


In this space, you will find the names and contact information of people in the field of learning assistance, college reading and learning, and developmental edcuation who are willing to help others in their specific areas of expertise.  Please add your name and information to this list if you are willing to help others in the profession...It doesn't matter if you have 1 or 30 years in the field, each of us has expertise and insights that can be useful to others.



Group members


  • Lisa D'Adamo-Weinstein, Ph.D.



               Director of Academic Support

               SUNY Empire State College - Northeast Center

               21 British American Boulevard

               Latham, NY 12110

               tel. (518) 783-6203 Ext. 5939

               fax. (518) 783-6443





               E-mail: Lisa.D'Adamo-Weinstein@esc.edu



     I am currently the Director of Academic Support at SUNY Empire State College's Northeast Center. I have over 18 years of experience in the field of learning assistance and developmental education. I am very interested in    curriculum design for writing, reading and critical thinking courses as well as study skills courses and first-year transition programs. I also have extensive experience in marketing learning assistance programming and strategic planning for learning center growth and staff professional development. I am also becoming quite passionate about providing online academic support services in a variety of multi-media formats for students to access  according to their interests and learning preferences.


  • Russ Hodges, Ed. D.



               Associate Professor

               Graduate Program in Developmental Education

               Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction

               Texas State University

                601 University Dr.

               San Marcos, TX 78666


               512-245-7922 (off.); 512-694-6627 (cell)

               Office location: ASB-North 401G



Dr. Russ Hodges has since been employed at Texas State University (TXST) since 1986. Currently, he is an associate professor in the College of Education. He co-created and teaches courses in the graduate program in developmental education and coordinates his institution’s learning frameworks (learning-to-learn) course. His research focuses on student success interventions (e.g., student success courses, peer-mentoring, peer-tutoring and academic coaching). In addition, he conducts research on policy within our field. Russ has published numerous articles, book chapters, and books including having co-edited (with Karen Agee, 2012) the Handbook for Training Peer Tutors and Mentors, and co-authored (with De Sellers and Carol Dochen, 2005, 2011, 2015) Academic Transformation: The Road to College Success. Russ’ leadership positions include treasurer and president of the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), chair of the Council of Learning Assistance and Developmental Education Associations (CLADEA), and co-founder and current co-editor of the Journal of College Academic Support Programs (J-CASP). Russ has received many teaching, scholarship, and service awards throughout his career including the TXST’s Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Award (2020), TXST’s Alpha Chi National Honor Society Favorite Professor Award (2018, 2017, 2016, 2014); CRLA’s Distinguished Teaching Award (2015), TXST Alumni Association Teaching Award of Honor (2015), College Academic Support Programs’ Lifetime Achievement Award (2015) and selected as National Fellow for CLADEA (2009).    Russ earned his BA in sociology (Centenary College in Shreveport), his MEd in counseling (University of Louisiana at Monroe), and EdD in developmental education (Grambling State University). m the egroup publisher for CRLA's Technology and Distance Learning SIG.  At TIDE I do a training on tutoring online, where tutors come online to tutor us, using several different platforms, from NetTutor, Blackboard, and Breeze (Adobe Connect Pro).  Penny and I collaborated on an article in the NADE Digest, called Tutoring Online: Increasing Effectiveness with Best Practices. Fall 2006. Available at http://www.nade.net  I love the technology but only when it supports student learning. I'd be happy to share what works in tutoring online and discuss possibilities, hopes and new directions.        





  • Penny Turrentine, Ph.D.



     Aztec Academics

     Pima Community College

     2202 W. Anklam Road, A-211a

     Tucson, AZ 85709-0001

     tel. (520) 272-8273

     fax. (520) 206-3119

               Email: pturrentine@pima.edu



     I have been in the learning assistance field for over 35 years. After retiring from leadership of the West Campus Learning Center, I moved into my work with the athletic program at Pima Community College. There are several area in which I am very interested some of which are learning center design, online tutoring, academic support for student-athletes, and program development. I am an evaluator for ITPC and very knowledgeable about tutor training program certification. As a four-time winner in the NCLCA and LSCHE-sponsored web site excellence competition, I have written two books, Champions in the Classroom and Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Learning Centers (...and then some).



  • Lucy MacDonald, M.A.,M.A.



     Faculty Emerita

     Chemeketa Community College

     Faculty Trainer - TIDE (Technology Institute for Developmental Ed)

     4977 Brookmeade Dr

     Sarasota, FL 34232

     tel. 941-870-4957

      Email: lucyonline@me.com


 I am the egroup publisher for CRLA's Technology and Distance Learning SIG.  At TIDE I do a training on tutoring online, where tutors come online to tutor us, using several different platforms, from NetTutor, Blackboard, and Breeze (Adobe Connect Pro).  Penny and I collaborated on an article in the NADE Digest, called Tutoring Online: Increasing Effectiveness with Best Practices. Fall 2006. Available at http://www.nade.net  I love the technology but only when it supports student learning. I'd be happy to share what works in tutoring online and discuss possibilities, hopes and new directions.        

of Gerg



  • Roberta Schotka


 Director of Programs, PLTC

            Wellesley College


            CRLA Certifications Director


As the CRLA Certifications Director and long-time ITTPC reviewer, I am available to answer your questions about tutoring, mentoring and coaching, especially in regards to developing and delivering your own training program that meets research-based best practices and your institutional/programmatic needs.  


  • Gretchen Starks-Martin, M.A., Ed. D.


      Faculty EmeritaSt. Cloud State University

            Adjunct Faculty, College of St. Benedict

            15131 27 th Street

            Clear Lake, Minnesota 55319

             tel. 320-249-4179

             Email: gastarks@stcloudstate.edu or gmartin@csbsju.edu


            Technology experience: Canvas software; teaching online via Zoom; created links for

            Website for tutor training at College of St. Benedict (2023)




  • Alan Thomas Craig, Ed. D.


     Email: acraig5@gsu.edu

                Mobile: 404-518-5018


I retired i 2015 as Director of the Learning and Tutoring Centers (200+tutors and staff) across all five campuses of Georgia Perimeter College (a two-year college now part of Georgia State University). I also taught collegiate, pre-collegoate, and co-requisite mathematics courses part-time through the sping of 2019. Prior to returning to the collegiate world, I worked in corporate IT for 23 years (FORTRAN programmer to Chief Information Office). I am a Past President of the National College Learning Center Association and recipient of NCLCA's Lifetie Achievement Award. I presented an invited pre-conference workshop for new learning center directors at NCLCA for 13 years and mentored at four NCLCA Institutes. I also served as NCLCA's representative to CLADEA for seven years and as an office of the Georgia Tutoring Association. I am a content editor for LSCHE (since 2006) and webmaster for LSCHE and CLADEA.

I earned an A, A, in Liberal Arts fro Hillsborough Community College, a B. A. in Mathematics from the Univeresity of South Florida, and an Ed. D. in Developmental Education from Grambling State University.        



  • Edward Gallagher


               Learning Center Manager

               Pima Community College

             7600 N. Shannon Road

             Tucson, Arizona 85709-7390

             tel. 529-206-2126co-chair 

             Email: egallagher@pima.edu



 I am the co-chair of the Learning Assistance Center Management Special Interest Group at CRLA. I have ben working in Lerning Centers for the past 25 years at Pima Community College, and was appointed the Learning Center Manager in July of 2019 to oversea all learning assistance across our fice campuses and our online Division. This includes College Success Coaches, American Sign Language labs, and Computer Comons as well as tutoring. I started as a tutor for reading, writing, and mathematics, moved to a support role, and then into learning center management. I understnd all levels of the operation. I have a passion for data collection and analysis, education and learning, and customer service and leadership. I would be happy to wotk with others who want to develop and enhance their kills and knowledge.



  • Janice L. Taylor (she/her)


                Program Manageer, Clark College Tutoring Services

                Direct Line: (360)992-2773

                Email: jltaylor@clark.edu


     As a Program Manager of a large program that is CRLA Certified, I am available to help support you regarding program managment, tutoring, and the certification process


  •  Dr. Diana Garland, MBA 


               Director of the Learning Commons, BearCLAW

               Certified Learning Center Professional – Level 4 (Lifetime)

              Webinar Coordinator & CAS Alternative Rep, NCLCA   

               Secretary Heartland CRLA


              113 Meyer Library 

               Missouri State University

               Phone: 417-836-4229 

               Email  me - DianaGarland@missouristate.edu | www.missouristate.edu


                I’ve worked in Higher Ed for over 35 years and helped start our Learning Commons 14 years ago. Experience at the University includes: academic advisor, outreach and distance learning, dual credit,  international student services and currently in the Bear CLAW (Center for Learning and Writing).  I am a co-author of Strategic Development of a Learning Center,  a chapter in Learning Centers for the 21st Century and have served as an external program reviewer.  I currently am serving as Chair of a to review committee for the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS) for Learning Assistance Programs (LAP). I am interested in all academic aspects of the Higher Ed experience and providing life changing opportunities for students.




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