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           College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA)


           Learning Assistance Center Management (LACM)

               Special Interest Group (SIG)







               Welcome to the CRLA Learning Assistance Center Management SIG wiki.                                                     

               Here we will be able to get information relevant to learning center

                   management, collaborate and share resources in convenient and readily                accessible formats. 

               Please feel free to read the information provided and add your perspective.                                       


               This is a collaborative "work-in-progress" and you can be an active

                   participant in making the wiki site valuable to you and others.


             Welcome to our new SIG members: 


               Ethel Burksteiner 

               Amber Sarker

               Christina Romanelli

               Nancy Squair 

               Jared Odd

               Amanda Wallace 

               Elba Coronado

               Emily Beck 

               Adrienne Beebe

               Mayuko Hall 

               Sarah Mills

                   Bernadine Booky






General Information About "HOW TO" With This Wiki Site                                                               *********** Click on SIG Newsletter Page (see sidebar on right) for the August 2019 newsletter.


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If you have questions or cannot add to this site, please contact:


Lisa D'Adamo-Weinstein (Lisa.D'Adamo-Weinstein@esc.edu) or (lisa@docdw.com)


Penny Turrentine (pturrentine@pima.edu).




UPDATE: March 2019 newsletter is now available on the Newsletter Page.



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